Karina’s Journey: Seeking and Discovering God from Alicia Edquist on Vimeo.

Growing up in a broken home and getting into trouble was not the way Karina Serrano, 20 years old, imaged in her life as a child.

She grew up in San Bernardino, Calif. in a non-Christian home with her mom, step father and half brothers and sisters. All she wanted was a fresh start after years of trouble and brokenness through her youth and school years.

It wasn’t until moving after her freshman year to a new school that she found the fresh start she was looking for and a neighboring church next to the school to begin seeking God.

She had found the new start she was looking for and a church that would change the way she looked at life and give her a chance to discover something greater. She started to attend church and realize that all the thoughts she had about God were not what she expected. During her sophomore year, she was baptized and saved. She continued to want a bigger relationship with God and in her senior year of high school she began leading bible studies and group activities.

Serrano is now graduated from high school and married to her husband Charles Serrano for two years. She knew her senior year of high school that she was called into ministry and specifically children’s and youth work. She is currently attending Biola University in La Mirada, Calif. for Christian Education degree.

Two years ago, she was asked to begin serving at a new church plant, Life Church, in Downey, Calif. and the need for a children’s director arose, she decided to continued her journey and share her love for children. With mentors and others help, she was able to create a safe environment for kids, something that she did not have when she was young but now can give that to the children that come to the church’s kid’s life program.

Her husband, has also noticed a change in her over the past couple years. “She has seen what a broken family looks like and at the same time she has seen what a children’s ministry with the drive to provide a safe and fun and yet biblically based education for a child can have an impact on a family.”

She looks forward to one day becoming a licensed Foursquare children’s pastor and continuing her work in ministry with her husband by her side.